Dr. Lisa Schenitzki is a clinical psychologist specializing in individual, couple and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Tustin, California.

What I Do

I have worked with a wide range of people over the course of my career. I take great pride in my work with children and adolescents, helping them through difficult, sometimes painful situations such as divorce or the loss of a family member. My work helping couples overcome the many challenges they are faced with is very rewarding to me. Supporting parents is something that is sorely needed in our society, and it is my pleasure to do all I can in this arena. Individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems, grief, and more are people who I work with on a daily basis to help heal. Whatever it may be that you are seeking help with, please give me a call. I am confident that we can work together to find a way to make the meaningful changes you desire.

In addition to my private practice, I hold the position of Psychological Health Services Supervisor at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. My job duties include clinical supervision and training of doctoral level psychology interns who provide an array of services to the 25,000 students who attend the college. Taking part in the training of future psychologists is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

My Services


Individual Therapy

Working with adults and teens to address anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties and other troubling issues that get in the way of our success.

Couple Therapy

Today’s couples are faced with numerous challenges. Therapy can help partners gain deeper understanding of the ways in which they relate to one another. Enjoy less conflict, better communication, increased empathy and stronger, safer connections.


Family Therapy

Family dynamics are both complex and powerful. Gain insight into the workings of your family. Regain a sense of control and create a more peaceful environment for you and your loved ones.

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Lisa Schenitzki for a number of years. She is a wonderful therapist. We have deeply human conversations that are not clinical or detached. She has watched me grow up, helped me come to know myself, and has reminded me of the worthiness of my feelings at every turn without being a "yes man." Moreover, she is a kind, warm, funny, and lovely person. Knowing her is a joy and an honor."

"As a Marine combat veteran with many years of dark issues, Dr. Lisa gave me the skills, exercises, and means to bring my demons into the light. She has been the one person to help me have a more normal life. She treated me with compassion and understanding, that I needed to move forward in relationships with my children and friends. Without Dr. Lisa's expert help, I'm not sure where my life would be today."

"Working with Lisa over the last few years has been invaluable. She gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts + feelings in a comfortable, confidential environment to explore parts of myself + my life I was struggling with. And then she helped me develop skills to manage my life stressors. She just creates an atmosphere of "you're not alone" by bringing a strong sense of comfort and hope to every session. I honestly have become a more whole and healthy person because of her."

"I started meeting with Lisa to help me get more in touch with my ability to empathize and build stronger work and personal relationships. I am very A type and over the years built up a very thick shell around myself and my emotions. Lisa not only helped me realize this she provided a safe and welcoming environment for me to open up. She also provided great tools and insights from her experience and education for me to employ. After several months I made great progress toward my initial goal and also started to understand myself better. I thus continued to meet with Lisa to explore new areas and I have found our time together extremely valuable. Lisa remembers all of our conversations and recalls points made many months ago that help keep our discussions linked and congruent. She is warm, caring, supportive, and very wise. I always look forward to my time with her."

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